The Business Scorecard

The Business Scorecard is an E-Commerce Accounting and Payment Reconciliation Service provided by Databuddy Automations Private Limited. Through this service, we aim to provide E-Commerce Sellers with reports that help them take informed decisions. Databuddy Automations Private Limited is a software development company with its core focus on developing Applications and Software for catering to the data processing needs of E-Commerce Sellers and other stakeholders in the E-Commerce Industry.

It was founded by Vinita Singh, an IT Graduate, and Maheshwari Dubey, a Chartered Accountant, thereby bringing their core competencies for the growth and development of the E-Commmerce business in India. We understand the challenges that exist in the E-Commerce business and thereby strive to empower various stakeholders in the E-Commerce Industry.

It is said that there comes a pandemic once in every century, and with every pandemic comes a significant change in people’s way of life. Covid-19 has essentially brought a noticeable change in the way people do business and the way people do purchases in their daily life. Internet and connectivity have become one of the basic necessities of life. Doing business through the internet and technology generates huge amounts of data. It becomes essential for various stakeholders to understand how this data influences them and how can they establish cause and effect relationship between their efforts and the results they get. We strive to empower the stakeholders in understanding what results are being achieved by their efforts and thereby enabling them to take the right decisions.